Executive MBA Program

By | November 1, 2019

Executive MBA is a 22-month Executive MBA program designed for mid-career executives prepared at key intersections in their careers. Through advanced management practices and learning application projects you will emerge with a broader perspective and tools to increase your impact.

The EMBA program is designed for mid-career professionals and senior managers who wish to remain fully employed while pursuing an MBA degree. Classes meet twice a month on Fridays and Saturdays from 8:50 am to 4:30 pm at our University you will receive a world class education, you will learn from the leading faculty, you will join our prestigious network and you’ll earn your MBA degree in almost two years.

Associate Professor of Management and Organization and Academic Director, Executive Education program has changed executive challenges have changed. Now our program involves social media, it involves globalization, it involves the way you use technology to succeed and design so as the business world changes, the program has had to change.

At the end of the 22 months, the last Residential Week will be held, where students will complete the course and present the final version of their business plans. There are two additional international weeks that are optional for students

At our online campus students attend interactive live lectures and smart forums, you will have three mandatory one week periods on our campus, one at the beginning of the program, one leadership change to a Digital World week approaching the halfway point , and one final week for project presentation and final graduation.

Understanding the reason that great business people do not necessarily become excellent leaders means knowing that the skills required are quite different. Leadership does not mean managerial knowledge or management skills but rather an attitude to change the organization and the company. Through our MBA program, students experience professional judgment and business decisions of executives, which enhances the student’s sensitivity to the attitude required to become a leader in their direction.

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