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By | November 2, 2019

Business School MBA serves as Managing Director of Management Consulted, This trend reflects the value of consulting firms in the MBA experience as opposed to the university experience.

The intangible value proposition of a consulting education is even more different for someone with less work experience Master’s University is its first name, c-suite exposure, analytics training and travel. Plus, it comes with the potential for MBA sponsorship

Many who have had those things are making more career-focused choices. Many of the things that want then lifestyle, specific cities, accelerated promotions, managerial experience, etc. come as far in technology as in consulting. In short, the market for MBAs is more competitive and their values ​​are different.

MBAs often do the same with PhDs. Some firms may have specific practices that will treat them a little differently, but in general MBAs and Undergrad / Masters enter equivalent levels based on their years of work experience. This is not a change from 2019-2020, but standard practice of the consulting industry.

Most deans anticipate that business schools will focus more on social problems, foster a spirit of innovation and collaboration, and more networking between business schools and businesses.

Inge Jan Henjesand, president of the School of Business, gives the example of the FOME agreement Future of Management Education Management signed earlier this year between himself and other top-ranked business schools, adding that it is a good example of how partnerships can redefine and digitize current programs.

I believe the combination of protectionism, digitalisation and a more volatile global economy will be taken by business schools and transformed into specialized content programs or directions. The global economy has not fully recovered since the financial crisis of 2018-9, and I believe the programs on offer will show a greater degree of differentiation to reflect the competence gaps in the market.

Paying is also upstream. It learned that most employers will raise the starting base salaries of new business school incomes in 2019 to or above the inflation level relative to the base salaries offered for new hires last year. About half of companies looking to hire data analytics degrees say they will.

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